Copyist 8

Copyist of musicalexamples

_x000D_Copyist is a music notation tool that enables you to make with ease those hard musical samples that is more costing much and hard programs trip over their feet trying to multiply.

It treats staves, clefs, notes and other musical characters as its graphical characters. Thus you have the freedom to put musical objects on the certain page without the consideration of musical rules.

Copyist saves your scores such as BMP, TIFF or EPS files in a way that you can incorporate these into your Corel Word Perfect, Adobe Illustrator Adobe Page Maker, Microsoft Word and other types and kinds of documents with just five clicks and a little effort.

Copyist is perfect for those who are getting a hard time copying musical examples that are very complicated. Then those musicians out there who experience an uneasy way of doing their jobs especially copying, this tool is excellent for all of you.

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